There is a Feeling by Debie Misir

There is a Feeling

There is a feeling deep in my soul
A feeling of love I cannot control
It overtakes me when I least expect it
My heart is overflowing; my smile won't quit

It is my Lord and Master, I know
Who lights up my world, my eyes glow
I'm surrounded by all the wonders You've made
But without Your presence, their beauties fade

Life has lost its grip on me
It no longer seems sweet compared to Thee
The challenges and tasks that kept me going
I no longer take pleasure in, now I'm growing

Walking in Your spirit, becoming like You, Lord
It's a heavenly feeling, a manifestation of Your word
I want to please You in everything I do
Everything I look at, think of, or speak to

There is a fire in my belly to go deeper still
Into Your thoughts and will, Your heart to thrill
To become Your best friend and confidante
To fulfill all Your desires, even though I can't

You're everything to me; my heart's desire
The air I breathe, the one that sets my soul on fire
Thoughts of You fill my mind day and night
Where do I begin to fill Your heart with delight?

Listening to the wind, hoping to hear from You
I look to the sky, my eyes seeking too
I grow restless when I feel Your presence leave
It creates an aching numbness only You can relieve

Do not ever leave me; I cannot bear the loss
Chastise me, break me, and strip away the floss
Mold me and fill me with Your Holy Spirit Lord
And use me for Your honor and glory, just say the word

I surrender all to You, gentle and mighty King
You deserve far more than my heart and hands can bring
Words fail me when I think of Your heart's grace
How can I return Your love, and all Your hurt erase?

Make clear the path I must follow, Lord I plead
Walk ahead of me; let me follow Your lead
Remove all the obstacles, every single one
Make a way where there seems to be none

Let the rest of my life be of worth to You
Let it no longer be meaningless, make it new
Let me love and honor You the rest of my days
Worshipping at Your feet, with lifelong praise

My heart now beats to a different drum
The rhythm of which summons all to come
To our Lord and Savior offering Salvation
A gift He is giving, bought for every nation

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)