He Carried My Sins by Debie Misir

He Carried My Sins

He carried my sins, to the cross all the way
Bore all my burdens, took my sicknesses away
Willingly, obediently, He suffered and died
No price was too high, for His beloved bride

He loved me unconditionally, a sinner so lost
Laid down His life for me, on Calvary’s Cross
I was blind and could not see
I did not ask, yet He heard my plea

I did not seek, but He came to me
“Receive me” He said, “I’ve come to set you free”
I could not resist, I saw the love on His face
I knew I did not deserve it, I knew it was His grace

I answered “Yes, Lord”, my heart open wide
I turned to Him in full surrender, it was then He cried
Joy unspeakable shook His entire frame
He opened His arms, I whispered His name

I offered my heart to Him, how could I not?
When He loved me first, when my soul He bought
Now He lives in me, and I live in Him
I hardly know where He ends, and where I begin

He consumes my innermost being with His love
He saturates my soul with His peace from above
His fills my heart with His joy, to the very rim
Everything I ever wanted or need, I find in Him

When I am weak from trials in various forms
He makes me sit on the floods, and ride the storms
When my heart breaks, and my soul trembles in pain
He loves me so tenderly, restoring me again and again

All hurts flee when I’m in Your arms, my beloved
For You bind up my wounds with cords of love
Gently You soothe every ache in my weary soul
As I lay upon Your breast, as You makes me whole

“Be still” He says, “and know that I am God
Know that in your heart, my love is shed abroad
Allow me to carry you into your destiny, it is sure
For nothing can hinder or destroy a walk so pure

You love with no restrictions, just as I sought
You live for me only, in desire, deed and thought
No more do I ask My child, no more do I desire
Now come closer to Me, come up higher”

This I will do, by the power of My Spirit alone
Nearer and nearer I will draw you, My own
Higher and higher, and deeper still you will go
Into My secret place, where intimacy will grow

He carried my sins, to the cross they are nailed
He remembers no more, the many times I failed
How do I satisfy this love? I know not how
Except to glorify Him, and in reverence bow

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)