Physical Healing Testimony of Debie Misir

The Lord has done many miracles in my life since I was saved. Of course, the greatest miracle of all is still my salvation. I am eternally grateful to my Lord and Savior for His mercy and grace in reaching out into the darkest pit and plucking me out from the hands of the enemy. I love the Lord with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my might, and I will never forget the time when He touched me and transformed my heart forever.

However, He has not stopped doing miracles in my life. The miracles have continued as I continue my walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. I am now part of a ministry, in my home, dedicated to ministering to the Lord and the Lord's children. As I was praying on my face one day, in a vision I saw the Lord standing in front of me. He spoke these words, "Get up, the time for praying is over, follow me" and He started to walk. The following week, a friend of mine took me to listen to a session hosted by her church, in which the "Healing Rooms" were sharing on their purpose, mission, and training. On May 19th, I went to the local Healing Room, desiring to be guided in ministering healing to the sick, per the Lord's leading. At the end of that night's training, the trainer said I needed healing for my upper back. I responded by saying my upper back was fine. As I sat back in my seat, I started to recall how painful my upper back would be early in the mornings and after sitting up working for long periods. I had attributed the pain to a hard mattress or being slightly top heavy. Now, I thought maybe my back does need healing, at least for the pain. I went back to the pulpit for prayers and the trainer again repeated that the Lord had told her I needed healing for my upper back. I agreed.

I was asked to stand against a wall with my feet together and my arms spread out, like on a cross. I was then asked to slowly bring my arms together so they could be measured. I found out that one of my arms was over 1/2 inch longer than the other. It was measured twice with the same results. I was still against the wall and the prayer team who volunteered to pray for me had not started praying when the power of God came in great strength. The anointing was so strong I started to tremble all over and weep uncontrollably. As they began to pray, I watched my arm grow until they were both even. It was not a stretching, but a gentle coming out until they were even. It was not a stretching, but a gentle coming out until they were even. One member of the team then laid hands on my upper back, first the left side and then the right side, and prayed. I felt my back being healed of pain and what seemed like a great tension ease out of my back. My arms straightened. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

I was so ecstatic on seeing and feeling my hand grow that I could not stop praising the Lord. After a while I came off the pulpit and a friend who was with me remarked, "your shoulders are straight". Now I did not mention that my shoulders were always quite a bit hunched over. Again I thought I was born that way and it is ok. My mother used to say she should have given me a pail of water to carry on my head when I was younger, over a period of years, to straighten it out. I did not pay much attention to my friend's remark as I was still so caught up in the wonder and awe of my hand growing. My joy was overflowing at the goodness of the Lord. I went home and my feet felt as if it did not touch the ground. The next morning I woke up and as I walked to the bathroom, I noticed my arms were more to the back and my chest was a bit pushed out. It felt so strange that I looked in the mirror and behold, my shoulders and upper back had straightened out. It was no longer hunched over. Glory to God!! Although I have seen quite a few creative miracles in physical healing, I had never experienced one before. Although my healing was miraculous and wonderful, what touches me the most is the heart of my sweet Lord. His love for us is beyond measure. I did not seek healing, but sought to be used as a vessel through whom others may be healed, but the Lord healed me first. My love for Him now knows no bounds for His heart is so pure, so holy, so kind and David said "Your loving-kindness is better than life". For me it is. His love has captivated my heart and I will forever be His captive. Experiencing healing and miracles are wonderful but knowing the God behind all the miracles is the greatest thing that can ever happen to anyone, for there is none like Him in all the Heavens and the Earth.

A few days after the healing, I visited the website of the Healing Rooms headquarters and saw the message the Lord had given to me that night while I was praying on my face, written by Cal Pierce as words the Lord had spoken to him before he established healing rooms.."There is a time to pray, and a time to move." I knew I was in the right place. The Lord leads, I follow.